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Welcome to the Music & Ballet School in Horsens

In the Music & Ballet School you will become part of a creative community - an inspirational environment, in which students have the possibility to explore ballet/modern dance and music in all its aspects.

We offer classes at Kulturstationen, situated in the centre of Horsens and in many of the schools throughout the local authority.

The Music & Ballet School offers classes in endless varieties: a wide range of instruments, singing lessons, music groups for children 0-5 years old, music workshops for older children, choirs, orchestras, classical ballet, modern dance and much more.

Our main purpose is teaching children and youngsters in the range between 0-25 years, but occasionally also students 25+ .

We teach on all levels and the students receive lessons on a weekly basis. And furthermore we encourage our student to join a choir, orchestra or band as soon as they have the basic skills on their instrument - and joining one or more of these groups is free of charge (unless it is your only activity in the school).



Getting started

Drop by or give us call, and let us help you with finding the right class for you.


Phone: +45 7629 3105.

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 8:30-15; Friday: 8:30-13

If you know what to choose, you can also sign in online HERE - (page only in Danish)

Notice that you need to have a Danish CPR-number.